Monday, October 26, 2009

.i did you wrong.

.i'm big on talking about how people disappoint me and how i normally disappoint myself the most but i never really thought about i disappoint people.

`have you ever pondered about how you disappoint people? i had recently read something were this guy had wrote about how they were disappointed in this female and it hit me. guys get disappointed in females too. that's soo crazy to me. it's funny because i never really think about guys lol. i just disregard basic feelings and duties when it comes to men. i didn't even know that guys washed their hair. i just simply figured, they are practically bald, just wet it. lol not thinking about the texture and all that stuff.

`but yea! it really bothers me to know that somewhere out there i've disappointed someone. i loathe being disappointed and i did the very thing i hate. i'm a hypocrite. and i'm sorry for disappointing you. i know how it feels to be let down. and i'm going to try not to let it occur a lot.- because disappointment is apart of life.

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