Monday, October 26, 2009

.you never really know.

.we realllly do take life for granted which is pretty scary. one minute we are here and the next we are trying to survive. it all happens so quickly. everything in life. with this happening it definitely made me realize that i lack telling people that i love them. i'm not talking about i'm madly in love with you, but i love you. i appreciate you and your being means something to me. you never know when life can be snatched from you and i never want to feel like "i never got a chance to tell him/her i love them." last night i sent out a massive text to people letting them know that i loved them. tomorrow truly isn't promised.

.with this sudden tragedy that happened at school over the weekend, it really made me realize that i need to get my life together. there's so many things that i'm doing that has me off track. my priorities are jacked up and i'm worrying about the small things. instead of living my life right.

.so dear friend, just know that i love you. i may not even know you but i do love you. life is too short to not say those words to someone. don't be afraid to say it because you will definitely regret it if something happened and you no longer had the opportunity to do so.

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