Monday, October 19, 2009

.like a penny with a hole in it.

.ahh so i ask my bestfriend to read my blog because i've been kind of battling what i should do or how i should feel rather. and she definitely put me back into the real world rather than this crap i've been living in.

`yea it sounds so good just as it did before but i was made a fool of. you are capable of doing it again especially with me being so naive. i swear it's like i have no choice but to fall and i'm not trying to fall again and just be that stupid girl.

.yet people make mistakes and should have to chance to be forgiven. and i strongly believe in that.

.then it's like but if what you are saying doesn't have some truth to it, why are you here?
`i just want to be happy and somehow you are equated into my picture of happiness.

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