Friday, October 16, 2009

.i don't wanna do this anymore.

.so i feel like i'm getting trapped again.
`the sweet nothings are slowly making it's way back into my ears. but i really want to believe in the change but is it a joke? ahhhh this is soo gay! i swear it's like i feel like you know what you are doing! but whyyyy! eh. this is probably really confusing to you but it's just like idk. i know better but it's like i can't do anything other than this. and even though i know how he is, i hate that he makes it seem so new. -blast him for being so smart.

.hey you know what else?
`there is something about libras! why are they all around me. 8 out of 10 guys who try to spit that game, are libras. not cool. because i'm soo attracted to them. smh.

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