Friday, October 16, 2009

.same ol me.

.eh i'm at work pretty bored. they have be working for 3 hours. how wack is that? i could be home napping or cooking right now, but instead i'm here writing on my blog. :)

.hmm so these are just the random things i've been noticing lately.

.since i've cut my hair i've been getting a lot more attention.
`dudes have been on it! but i truly don't understand it. it's not like my face is different or my body has changed, it's just my hair. why are you now looking at me extra hard or even going out your way to contact me. that shows me how gay these dudes are out here. like i'm the same Bianca; nothing is different but my hair. so why are now trying to get at me? makes me feel kinda terrible. lol like oh word? now i'm cute? pssh get outta here with all of that PLEASE.
`females have been on it too! first of ladies, i've been going to school with you for now 3 years. you should already know that my naturally curly hair turns into bomb straight hair. i'm not trying to be conceited at all. you know by now my hair is long, don't touch it. but now these broads have staring problems! now last year or the year before that when my hair got straighten, it was never an issue. and now it is? i really don't have time for it.

.i feel so immature complaining about these females. i always think to myself "how would he respond to me if i told him this situation" and he'd say something like so what! they are just hating. lol why can't i think like that? am i just ODing because i'm a female from ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY AKA BIRDLAND! lol

.i really enjoy the past more than the present. is that bad? i mean all i have is my present and future but the past is just so pleasant.

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