Sunday, November 8, 2009

.dancing on me.

.so i am going to make this disclaimer right now; i have nothing against homosexuals. i love them and some of my very good friends are homosexuals; BUT; HOWEVER; and depending on who is reading UNFORTUNATELY, i am not gay.

.sooo why have all of these lesbians been approaching me or trying to push up on me? do i look like i'm interested in girls like that? because i'm not. and it's soo weird to have a girl push up on you. it's so odd but lately it's been like 3 females that have been showing that kind of unwanted attention. and i'm sort of nervous to approach them because what if i'm just exaggerating and that's the way that they are? an then if it turns out that they are NOT gay, i'd look like some dickwad and i'd be super embarrassed. lol

.oh gosh. girls i don't like you that way lol. smh i ask for aggression, but only the females seem to have heard that :x

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ninaa said...

ithink they are the only ones that do listen lol. been there its so weird lol good luck