Monday, November 2, 2009

.you can say i'm stingy.

.so i'm watching this show and this boy gets upset with his sister because she demands for her belongings back.

`is is wrong to say "give me my ____ (whatever is taken-) back" ? i'm a strong believer of having manners and not being rude in terms of can i?, may i?, please and thank you, but if someone has my things i feel like i can say ok give me this back. it is mine and if it's so essential to you life, then get your own. that's the way that i see it. i work hard for the things that i'm given and i feel like people who don't do anything for the things that they are privileged to have, shouldn't be treated that way. why do i have to wait for something that belongs to me? i'm not talking about just once or twice using something that's mine, i'm talking about when it's a consistent thing. most likely what ever you have of mine isn't a necessity to you because if it was that serious, then you would have your own, right? one may thing that i'm stingy or spoiled but it's mine. i love saying that something is mine. it's my private thing, something that i can call my own. it brings me joy to have things that's my own. so don't feel bad if i say give me back my computer or give me back my phone or whatever it is that you are borrowing of mine. it's just the way i feel. please compromise and understand that's how i feel guys. i don't mean to sound mean or anything, oh no! it's not like i say that all the time. i hardly say it because then i'll hear about how rude i am and blah blah blah, but that's how i feel.

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