Friday, December 18, 2009

.it's so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday.

.so yesterday i said goodbye to my friend Joshua. i didn't get to see him though and i don't really know how i feel about it. i mean i really wanted to but i didn't have much time to give him and he normally takes up hours of my time. i had to study and get ready to come home today after my last final.

`Joshua is going off to the army in like 2 weeks and I'll probably never see him again. He's going to basic training for 6 months and then he'll start his career with the army. i'm happy for the decision that he made but i'm also kind of sad about it. the army is just so negative to me- all i think about is the war and the fact that if he is needed, he will be out there fighting for our country. he's such a nice guy and i'm glad to have spent the time together that we did. yea he made me mad and i definitely didn't talk to him for like a month, but he made his way back in and we were back to talking and enjoying eachother's company. its just sad. i really enjoy him and now when i get back to school, he won't be there. i think the main thing that's bothering me, is that it may be forever.- this goodbye. and that's one thing i can't ever come to terms with. saying goodbye to someone forever. i told him to keep in touch and he said he will. hopefully i'll get to see him again and hug him since i didn't get to lastnight. but did see him on tuesday so i'm not that terrible. but i should have seen him and said bye the right way. and he really wanted to come chill. smh. terrible. but i'm sure he understands.

`goodbyes. suck.

but farewell Joshua. thanks for the moments that we shared, the laughter, the movie nights and the talks. you are definitely a nice guy and i'll never forget you. wish we could have met awhile ago, but the time we shared was now for a reason. i'll pray for you every day and i'm proud of you. <3 Gangsta B lol. ps. SAGITTARIANS ARE SOO MUCH BETTER THAN CAPRICORNS!& you definitely know why. :)

:( i hate this part.

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