Monday, December 14, 2009


i can't wait to see you,
to touch your face,
to see your smile,
to hear your voice.

just to be close to you.
just to see you looking back.
just to feel you.

i can't wait.
the desire for you is helping me get through the day.
because i know soon love, we will be like we were.


.idk where that came from. it wasn't anything special or bomb because i do write that good good lol. but idk. the anticipation of going home and facing what's in store for me is so exciting. i lowkey miss how things were back in the day. sending poems and sending pictures.[0:)] i wish i could do those things again. it seems so long ago. but now if i tried it would just be weird.

you know what kind of anticipation i miss? the kind that you get right before you kiss someone. like being all in their face, so close to kiss, feeling that other person breathing on you, and it's like you are almost there and it's killing you like ughh hurry up! ahh i miss that. i haven't kissed since like july or august. ughh such a long time for me, i loveee kissing. it's so sensual. and i love how it leads to greater anticipation.

`who knows when i'll see that anticipation or even a kiss again.

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