Wednesday, December 30, 2009

.smiley faces after all of her phrases.

.so i just read something on twitter that made me think. it said as follows:

:"all females want cute relationships that your friends can be like 'awww' over. Relationships aren't cute. They are real."

`and then i thought dang. if that wasn't the realest thing i read. as a female i personally believe that we do want what looks good. we want that lovey feeling, we want the gifts and the kisses and the pictures so we can aww over but we never think about the other parts that come along with it. such as arguing and giving the other person enough space. i mean i'm not dumb and i'm definitely not saying that i'm expecting not* to argue, but when i think about the idea of having a boyfriend, i always think about the good times. maybe i do that because my good times always out weigh my bad. even though you guys see me hurting, i'm a dramatic person -however; that doesn't justify anything because bottom line if i'm hurt i'm hurt-but i always let love back into my heart. i'm fearless i guess when it comes to matters of the heart. yes i've been hurt by many people, not just the boy i'm crushing on but people, friends, family all of that but i let them back in.

"sadness may cause you to build walls, but don't do it. those same walls can keep out joy also"

`i'm so glad that i don't do that. my most happiest moments include the people who have hurt me the most.

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AR!3 said...

I completely agree with the statement as well. I think most people only think about the good times in relationships and forget about all the trouble that they bring too. Sometimes its worth it but often it really isn't. I think relationships would last longer and be alot stronger if people stop trying to live a fantasy and just open their eyes.