Wednesday, December 30, 2009

.The Element of Freedom.

.Alicia Keys' album is truly amazing. i've always been a fan of hers though. her music just touches my soul. it's like everything that she sings about i can agree with or relate to perfectly. and this cd just makes me appreciate love soo much. she always comes out with an album around christmas time. i'm always home for christmas break and i'm always falling back in love with love. being at school definitely makes me not want anything to do with it, but then alicia comes out with a cd and i just fall right back in love with it. i guess because since it's so relatable. its like dang if she's singing about it like this and it sounds so beautiful, what i'm feeling must be real too. lol i'm such a loser for that but it's so true.

this is my song! like its on constant repeat.
"That's How Strong My Love Is"

`i swear i can feel myself loving this hard. i can't wait to give my love to someone. :) -well of course i can sort of wait. you know want to make sure my life it together first lol but i'm sure you get the point.

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