Friday, January 1, 2010

.this is food for do the dishes.

`I want to just thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ my God for allowing me to see another year. A lot of people that I know and didn't know personally, didn't make it but I'm Blessed to have come this far. I hope all of my readers enjoyed themselves for New Years and most importantly I hope that you guys put God first.

-Now to the blogging-

.so my friend recently asks me about the illuminati and i swear two days after that it's all that everyone seems to talk about. first of all i think that it's crazy how within a couple of days all of my peers are buzzing about this. what happened that made everyone want to talk about it or research it. so without doing my natural research that i always do because i'm definitely a Google Princess, i just simply watched the youtube illuminati videos and made my judgment. now looking at the videos and making the connections and actually researching and translating the words of our favorite songs, anyone can clearly see that the Devil is busy right now. I'm not saying that these people are in the illuminati though but i can definitely see that something is not right.

.so i researched the illuminati and figured out it's just a frat. it was initially made during the enlightment age because people didn't have the freedom of speech and say whatever they wanted to say and so some people met along with the founder and formed this "illuminati" as a way to break away from their ruling. well once another person came into to office, he ended the illuminati and that is where it ended. all of this illuminati talk is simply decades and centuries of rumors. and then i researched the Masons because my friend from school kept mentioning the fact that her family members are members of the Freemasons and all this and after researching what that was, it turns out that it's just a frat. and i told my friends that they should becareful about these things because i feel that there is just about 30% truth to the verbal stories that are being passed along.

people add just a little bit of themselves to every story that they tell. please people remember that. if there is anything you take with you from reading my blog hopefully it will be that.

.so my main freak out or concern is the fact that we have been so blinded by the devilish things that people are listening to. i always knew that the devil, or lucifer was a fallen angel from heaven and he was in charge of music when he was in heaven. he was a beautiful being that was made of instruments so of course his biggest influence in our lives is from the music that we listen to. and sadly there are hidden messages behind the songs that we listen to. yes this person may be our favorite artist, but what we tend to forget is the fact that at the end of the day, if they aren't singing a song that isn't glorifying God, then it is of the devil. bottom line. there are songs where you can play the song backwards and actually hear the subliminal message degarding God. [don't believe me youtube it. You can hear Jay-Z saying something really disturbing when his song is rewinded.]so now as everything is advancing and the world is becoming so open of non-Godly things, more and more things are being shown to us. it's crazy because we make the decision to open our eyes and see the things for what they are. some people are too far gone into this world and will never understand these things that are shaking up my soul and causing me to reach out to God. I don't know about you but I know better and I know that these are the signs that we are living in the last days. I don't know when those last days will be here but I do know that God is real and the Devil is real too. I just hope that Christians will come together and pray. that's all that we can do is pray. Our souls are nothing to play with.

.Accept God.


Te'mi said...

Amen :)

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

great post...and you said everything right

this past semester i was introduced to this and i have to admit i got really scared but then when i thought about it and prayed God revealed that there is nothing new under the sun...this shouldnt be a surprise to us. we are living in a time where it seems alot of ungodly things are being brought to the surface. so like you said we need to simply stay in prayer. i feel this is a def. wake up call.