Tuesday, January 5, 2010

.im talking to the man in the mirror.

this quote stuck out to me like a pregnant stripper in church lol hahah that was soo terrible -but really.

"No matter who you're with right now, he or she is perfect for you, they are a mirror of who you are inside -(D.Chopra)"

.no comment lol.

here's another something that made me say hmmmm with an eyebrow raise.

"You attract over & over who & what you are"

.now this i can comment on. i really don't know how i feel about this quote especially because i attract so many different people and it's true we have some similarities but what about the things that they do that i'd never do. how can i attract pain and lies and stupidity, if that's not me, but it's what i am? like i wouldn't do the dumb and inconsiderate things that are done to me but yet it's what i attracted. ehhh all this stuff is too complicated when you really think about it. i like this quote but at the same time.. nahh. it makes perfect sense but as the over-analyst that i am, i'll pick this quote to pieces.

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