Thursday, January 7, 2010

.i'll be loving you forever.

.will i?

am i really going to love you forever. i mean you can read my blog from the beginning and clearly i'm all about love but recently it hit me i wonder what's going to happen when you get tired of me, and i get tired of you. what's going to happen when i don't do it for you anymore and you don't do it for me. i never thought that far out about "love". if what i feel is love will this not apply to me*? and if that's the case it isn't written in stone that you feel the same.

.i'm sure people think about this but i never have. i never thought there would be the day when i got tired of the person that i'm reallllllly digging. not just some random crush that i always seem to come across because i get over them within 5 minutes of establishing that i have a crush. i'm talking about later down the road when i find someone that will love me. i don't want to not love them and i don't want to get tired of them. it's like forreal but so many different things you can do. and i feel like i probably won't get completely tired of the other person, because i get tired of myself! i just have my moments where i need my own space to just do me. but in today's society with such a high divorce rate and everyone is cheating on eachother and even going as far as having another family and that scares me. i mean i'm 20 i'm not looking for a husband right now. i'm just trying to get through school and establish myself. i'm only 20! lol i'm young. but it scares me that there is a chance that the person who will love me may get tired of me. and i don't want to ever imagine that.

.i recently accepted the fact that the people that are in my life right now probably won't be in my life in the years to come serving the same purpose. at first it was sad to think about. we have such a good time together and eventually i won't be the fun that you desire anymore. friends come and go. just a few stay. i wonder who will be there.

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Nicole. said...

so, this is a response from your dearest friend....

A person who loves you is a person who takes the time to know you. Yes, their is always a fear that one day that person may wake up and not feel the same way he had felt the day before, but sometimes people grow into being different people. It isn't wrong, but sometimes the people who were once compatible for you just aren't anymore. I realize that the ones who stick around are the ones who genuinely know your heart and loves every little flaw and perfection about you. He's seen it all, and still wakes up and can say "i still love you"....relationships/friendships are fairytales! each one has its own ending, and if its beneficial for you it is in fact a happy ending...(deep, i know)