Monday, January 11, 2010

.let's talk about sex.

`when is it okay for people to have sex? i'm not talking about the biblical stand point because i already know that answer -which is to wait until marriage. but i'm a realist and in real life, people are having sex all the time wayy before even thinking about putting a ring on it.

.i personally think that two people should wait at least 6 months of being in a relationship to have sex with someone. yes 6 months. i feel like giving my body up to someone is a big deal. it's not something that i can just do if i don't really know you and what really blows me are people who are jumping into relationships just to have sex. i asked my friend "how long should you wait to have sex even if you are in a relationship" because sadly some people think that just because you have the title of being together, you can easily jump into the bed. i think that's false. and if i had a boyfriend, i would hope that he would respect my wishes to wait to have sex. i honestly don't even think i would have sex with my boyfriend. sex makes people stay in situations because it's just comfortable. some people deal with each other because they have a sexual relationship and they are just too tired to get to know another person on that sexual level OR they just don't want their numbers to add up. i don't like that. being comfortable. i imagine it would get old, and probably less pleasurable then what it was in the beginning.

`the whole idea of having a lot of partners for both females and males makes me feel sick. don't people think about all the relationships your partner had? and i mean don't you imagine them comparing you to past lovers. you've been intimate with numerous people and then you ultimately give yourself to you husband or wife? i'd feel so dirty doing that. and i don't want to do that to my husband. i'm going to be completely honest about my past with him if that's what he wants to know. i'd rather give up my lustful desires now to present myself to my husband later. but that's just my opinion. some men and women don't see an issue with that and that's fine and dandy. as a female i feel this way and i think more females should think the same. there are people that i know who have slept with 20+ men and they are in their early 20s. what does that say about you? why would a man want to marry you if you've been ran through like that? i mean some people don't judge and i'm not judging either, but it's just some things are out of control and i don't care if i'm "judging" when i'm just trying to help you and society see that everything under the sun is NOT acceptable.

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it'sok2bu*nique* said...

first, this was a great post. i understand where you are coming from and i dont feel that you arent by any means "judging". i think you are just simply keeping it real and we need more of that.

2ndly, i personally want to wait until marriage but i know that is a major goal that he and i will have to keep because i mean we are just living in a different world, so i do agree with the 6 month rule

lastly, love your blog xoxo