Sunday, January 24, 2010

.daddy likes to say...

.fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

`doesn't this quote just hit the nail on the head. how many people have played the role as the fool and how many of those same people go back to the person who fooled them but deep down, wonder if it's true this time around?

.i'm a firm believer of second chances. i'm all about growing up and not necessarily knowing what we want. i mean we are only given one life and we don't really know how to live it. some things that we do now will be different from the future, BUT there are some things that you just know better. you know that those things shouldn't be done or should not have been said. those things shouldn't be forgiven. right?.wrong? who knows. i feel like if the love is there, why not let it mature and grow and go through things just as we, the people in the relationship are going through things. and sometimes apart of letting that love mature and grow is to let that love go. it should come back and when it does, the second time around you should know if this is what you want.

.i'm also a firm believer of never really letting go of real love. i feel like people hold on for a reason, whether it is known to them or not. yeah you may not talk for months or even years, but when they come back around, it's as if things never changed. don't dwell on the pain, but enjoy the happiness of the things. that's what we really want out of relationships. happiness.

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