Sunday, January 24, 2010

.what comes up, must come down.

.i'm a firm believer in karma. what you put out in the universe will come back to you. it's a scary thought but it's the [truth]. yea it may not come at you as heavily as you put it out there or it may not come back at you as soft as you thought it would but the bottom line is that it's coming. it's sad but i see a lot of people's bad karma coming back to get them. and it's not that i was sitting around waiting for the karma, but i knew this day would come and furthermore, i knew i'd just be sitting back watching it unfold. you can't purposely hurt someone or do something out of jealous and not expect everything to fall. come on you should know better than that. karma is serious and it's out there and yea she feels good in the beginning, but she will be right back to make it hurt. i'd rather sit back and watch karma unfold rather than go out there and seek revenge myself.

`karma really keeps me in check. when i have my little feelings and plans of getting people back, i realize that i have to stop and let the universe take it's course. it's so much better that way. there i'm not setting a trap for me to blindly walk right into.

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