Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.i know it's been a while, sweetheart, we hardly talk, i was doing my thang.

.you know what really grinds my gears?

`the fact that we don't really talk that much. no i'm not saying that we need to speak everyday, but when we do talk it's so short. we don't have interesting conversations. you don't call me, you rarely text me first. you don't even write on my facebook or even comment my pictures lol -yea the facebook reference is kind of immature but hey it would be nice to see a comment or something from you. it's like you don't even look at anything that i'm doing, not even checking up on me.- and i don't want to be that person that you could mistake for jealous because i'm not. yea i know that you comment other people's pages and pictures but i do that too. so i can't get upset about something that i'm doing and i know that you already think i'm beautiful and blah blah but sometimes it's nice. that's all i'm saying. sometimes it's nice. it would be nice to get a phone call from you on a random day just to let me know hey you're thinking about me. ok you're not that kind of person to do that, but it's something that i like, just once in a while. that's all i ask. once in a while. but i'm so used to it being this way, and you're so comfortable. why would one want to cause discomfort? right? WRONG. because it's not about discomfort. it's simply just appreciating the things that your friend likes.

but it's all good. things don't last forever. and sometimes i really don't care that we don't talk. i don't care that you don't think about me enough to call me. 50 % of the time i really miss you and the other 50 % i could truly careless about you. dontjudgeme<

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