Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.if i left you out of the blue.

"Now what would you do Tell me
If I left you out of the blue
Would you fight back
tears while your heart
gets torn to pieces
Cause thats what I did when you
Left me out of the blue"

.what if i told you that this whole time though i was digging you, i was digging someone else. that yea you were up there, but there was someone else playing your heels closely. that while you were out having your fun, i was out having mine. what if i lied about things just to make you feel good. what if while i loved you, i loved him too. what if i ran to his arms before i ran to yours. what if i had another relationship with someone else that was totally different from what we have. what if i wasn't that shy with him as i am with you. what if i told him everything and left out things when it comes to you. what if i left you out of the blue?

hypothetically speaking of course. ;)
`i always wanted to break someone's heart. i want to switch shoes with the people who are heart breakers and do it without feeling bad. yea, i always wanted to break someone's heart.

too bad i can't.

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