Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.how he stay faithful in room full of hoes.

.today in class one of my peers had said that if you are going to be an professional athlete's wife you know what you're getting into when it comes to the man cheating on you.

`is that for-real? so if i marry someone who goes professional, i should automatically know that he's going to cheat on me. i feel like that's terrible! you should never let someone know what they are able to do. by thinking that way like my peer said, that means i'm basically saying to my husband "yeah i know that you are going to cheat so go ahead."

.i swear, we make EVERYTHING acceptable. values, morals and respect just flew out of the window. what happened to the days of our grandparents? whether my grandfather thought it or not, he never disrespected my grandmother. he would treat her like women are being treated now. it's so sad that this is the world we live in and this is what our options are. and i'm not just saying that on the woman's standpoint. men have to deal with ratchet women nowadays too.

it's so hard for the people who do right. it really is. but you know what, we always go after the bad person. -well i know i do. of course i've liked someone who was a jerk and didn't really care. never took the initiative to see if i was happy. just a real waste. how many times have i been down this road? too many. how many times have i tried to get on another? plenty. what am i doing now? swimming lol time to be in the ocean. roads aren't doing anything for me ;)

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