Thursday, February 4, 2010

.as we go on, we remember, all the times we had together.

.at the end of this decade i'll be 30. 30 years old. i should be settled down, married. i should have a career. i should have traveled. i should have experiences that i'll never forget. in the next 10 years a lot of things are going to change. isn't that crazy?

.i hear a lot of people around me talking about the next people that they are dating, they want them to be the potential "one". wow. i can't believe that. when did it get so real? i wonder who i'm going to be with. sheesh. it's a lot of wondering. i can only pray that things will go the right way. i swear i'm going to love my husband and my children so much. i'm already in love with them. - but hold on! i don't want you guys thinking that i'm looking to find my husband in my next boyfriend lol. that's not what i'm saying. i'm just thinking about the future and i'm just expressing that i love my family already. :)

.this decade is about to be so real.
`i'm so excited.

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CAMjr said...

word up this decade is about to get serious. everyone starting their careers and families i think about this all the time. like where what and who ima be doing lol