Wednesday, February 24, 2010

.welcome to DC; we ain't going no where.

(this picture isn't from this weekend. but i like it :) me and Nicole.)

.so this weekend i went on a mini road trip to DC with my roommate Nicole. i had such a great time! i need to start utilizing my car in more ways than i have been doing. the drive wasn't even bad. it went by quickly actually, which is always great. i hate long drives or drives that feel like they are uber long. it's horrible to grow impatient during a long car ride. you have no choice but to be in the car for the duration of the drive. terrible terrible. it's like feeling trapped! "/ not a cool thing.

i digress.

.we stayed at George Washington University in Northwest DC. we stayed at our friend Cali's room. their dorm room was huge! if our dorms were nice like that i would never leave them. her college is a model of what a college should be like, well at least campus life. it's way more interesting than the dusty life of Hampton and the people in it. (no offense of course, unless you are dusty) the school wasn't that diverse but that was ok. i'm not at a black college because i fear mingling with whites, i'm just here because i'm here. lol. anyways Cali's roommates were the nicest girls. this weekend was real chill. friday night we drank and went to dinner. saturday we went to Georgetown and it's so crazy because lately my roommate and I have been on our John Mayer flow -even after his racial comments *which i was not offended by. not all white people are going to be attracted to black people and not all black people are going to be attracted to whites. that's just how it is. no need to be offended. not everyone will like you no matter what shade you are.- and so we walk past this hotel and JOHN MAYER IS THERE! we were chatting with the paparazzi once he left. that was so cool especially since i was just telling Nicole that friday that everyone i like, i meet and that she will too, and boom there's John Mayer right there. later on that night we went to this party that my school was throwing. lol the pregame story can't be told on here, but let me just say this. PREGAME AFTER YOU GET DRESSED. i was over thinking everything feeling all types of crazy over everything that I brought. i didn't know how to do my make up, hated everything. lol crazy but we made it to the party. the reason why we came to DC. and stayed there for an hour. i guess that Hampton party girl I was my freshman year, is standing there in 2008, because that's not my life anymore. i prefer lounges. i mean i like to party but maybe it was since i was with the same people, listening to the same music that we heard at a party the week before. then it was sunday and the weekend was over. went by fast but it was so worth it. i loved simply waking up without a worry. mini vacation. wonderful weekend.
thank you DC

.those are some flicks of the drive back :x i know i should have taken some pictures through out the day and i really love taking pictures, i'm just waiting on my dream camera to do so. i love photography. studied it for 2 years. ugh i need that camera.
:( i will be here though by the end of the summer. i promise you Bianca.

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