Monday, March 1, 2010

.our love was comfortable.

.ever feel so comfortable to the point where it's not fun anymore? it's not new and exciting anymore. you just do it because you have to?

`how many friendships have ended because of this. people drift apart and that's ok, but isn't there certain friendships that are worth holding onto because you are ready to make the change to bring that something new back into the relationship?

my fear, dear friend, is that we are too comfortable. things aren't the same as they used to be. the fun has been taken out of the equation and now we do things because we know that's what we are supposed to do. we argue, we don't have good conversations as much as we used to, we barely talk. it's just not fun and care free anymore. i don't get giddy with giggles like i used to when we talked. can we try to make things better and add the spunk back into things, sure, will we? i'm not sure. am i up to it? of course. but that's the nature of me. that's how i am. i'm ready for fight for what i believe in. i only fall back when i'm pushed so hard that i'm falling. it sucks because i really loved this. it was a good thing going. but we are drifting apart and that's ok. i'm content. the only thing i'm not content with is saying good bye. but i know that time will heal the wound and someone or something will come and replace, but gosh i hate to say bye.

.i feel like if you can make a friendship or a relationship work despite the distance that comes with growth, than you are meant to be friends. everyone drifts apart. it's apart of life. especially when you are miles away but i look at life long friends and marriages that last 30 years and the couples are still in love. you have to come to the point when you realize that it's not about you, but about the whole. i've lost a lot of friends over things like this, some come back, some don't. sometimes i go back, sometimes i don't. i guess that's just the way things are.

.i wonder how long we will remain friends.

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Anonymous said...

wow B thats almost hurt to read it..but its 100%....bianca i would never want to loose you as my stay with me ,ok? and i know i had to hurt you in the pass and im so sorry for that i should have been there for u more..but i will try my best to makee it up to yo and move on pass it...anyway i think your one of the smartest funniest ppl i know i and i love u girl