Tuesday, March 2, 2010

.you ain't gots ta' lie craig.

liar- a person who tells lies
`lie- something that misleads or deceives

honest- free from fraud or deception
`truth- in accordance with fact

.why do i attract liars? see at first i didn't want to blog this. i didn't want to be so girly and write about something like this because i feel like it's only girls that would address this topic with such sensitivity, but, i'm tired of it. i'm so tired of people that must lie. is it that serious? are you trying to impress people thatmuch? i'm tired of "friends" that feel the need to make things up. it's not really that serious. and the thing is that the lies aren't bogus or ridiculous but it's the fact that you are lying. when did bending the truth become the thing to do. i feel like if you feel the need to lie, then you need to just be quiet. yea it's nice to spruce some things up but for real, i don't need the extra coats of sugar. i'd like to hear it raw, or not hear it at all. i also equate lying with talking about it but not being about it. you aren't doing anything but making stories up. i mean i understand the whole speaking things into existence, but you can't just speak things up, there has to be some kind of action along side of it as well. some things happen out of luck, no doubt, but not everything will be given you that way. so just stop lying about the moves that you are making or have made, and be about them. stop strecthing the basic truth so that you don't sound so bland.

moving on (however, im sure i'll be back to touch on this subject greater)

nowadays i feel like honesty doesn't really come a long way with people. now when you are looking for friends, aren't you looking for people that exert the truth? and don't you want to exert the truth as well? i feel like nowadays that's not what people are about. they don't really want to hear the truth, because when they do, it's always an issue. i'm not trying to bring you down, but i'm looking out for you. isn't that what i'm supposed to be doing as a friend? because if i'm supposed to just tell you that you are perfect, then i shouldn't be around you. it's all about growth and if you do things constructivly, then you will grow. i'm not talking about the brutal honest truth, meant only to hurt someone. i'm talking about telling you about things when they are wrong. you aren't supposed to walk around turning your cheek to everything. it's out of love. but when i'm honest with people then it's an issue. i'm the mean one. i'm the dickhead. no i'm not. i'm the one that's honest. because why would people want to surround themselves around dishonest people? around liars, who won't tell you when you look a mess or what you're doing is wrong?

i can ask those questions to hundreds of people. i can point out the negative sides to lying thousands of times. yet people don't change and it's sad to say that my honesty doesn't get me anywhere. but i'm content with the fact that you're lies don't get you anywhere either.

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