Saturday, March 20, 2010

.forever? forever ever, forever ever?.

.i just read this post that my roommate Nicole posted on her blog,

`read it here:

and it really made me think. I've heard Khalid and Nicole discuss women and men and why we do this and why they don't do that, and normally I just sit back and listen. I don't have much input because I honestly don't have it figured out and I'm ok with that. I get what I need to get, sometimes anyways lol, and I accept it. I'm not the kind of person who will know all the answers when it comes to this. I'm smart and pratical and lol that's probably where it starts. I don't have the answers to life. I'm not that guru.

i digress -back to what i was supposed to be saying before i started rambling lol

`women are irrational? ouch.
irrational- (adj) not endowed with reason or understanding. (noun) lacking usual or normal mental clarity or coherence

lol wow! it makes me laugh because that's a terrible thing to be, yet in many cases, i can see how we are. but geez. it seems like everyday i hear or see another reason why being a woman can be sort of unfortunate. it seems as if we were doomed from the womb. don't get me wrong. i love being a woman. i just don't love how we show emotion as much. ehhh, but it's the same things that we may dread, that they may love. who knows?

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