Thursday, March 4, 2010

.i love you for loving me.

"so glad i found you babe,
so thankful for your ways
your such a blessing,
to love and be loved in return
i try to keep myself from you
but now i finally see the truth
can't no body love me like you do
every time that i think about our love and everything we share
i'll never leave never let you down 'cause i know that you'll always be there
everybody is talking about us and what they're saying, they don't believe that we goin make it, but i still believe in you"
-I Wanna Know by: The Foreign Exchange

"I´m explaining what I´m fighting for
Girl there´s no one, who deserves you more
So stop subscribing to those crazy thoughts
Cause there´s no one who deserves you more
Who gave you love
don´t change on me
I´ll go halfcrazy if you choose to leave
that´s why I´m explaining what I´m fighting for
Girl there´s no one who deserves you more
Deserves you more"
-Deserveumore: by Musiq Soulchild

"I can't stay away from you too long
Even if I do I'll always call
Checkin' on you make sure you're ok
Be the one to brighten up your day
And the point of it all
Is I love you
You know I love you baby"
-The Point of It All: by Anthony Hamilton

`we hear songs like these all the time. Yet we never see the people behind them. Often you'd hear a female saying, "where are these guys like the ones singing these songs?" it's funny because where are those guys? :)

yummy sweet little nothings.

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