Thursday, April 22, 2010

.do you think about me?

.i want to leave a lasting impression in someone's mind. i want to be intriguing, interesting, appealing, and a mystery. i want to be a daily thought. i want to do this all for someone, or some people.

`i can only be me and hope that you take me as i am then allow me to be that person for you.

i'm the type of person to let whomever i'm thinking about or missing know that i am doing so. but i'm in a situation where i can't do so. not that i don't have the means or ways to contact them, but i just don't think me thinking or missing even matters to them anymore. and that's perfectly fine. no hard feelings. i'm just more upset with the fact that i CAN'T do it. i really have an issue with limitations, because i feel like there are no limits to achieving a goal once your mind and heart is set towards it. it's sort of like a "take what's yours" mentality. but right now there is a limitation. i can't do it. i can no longer reach out. silent goodbyes are bittersweet.

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