Wednesday, April 7, 2010

.we ran out of words to say.

.communication is all that we have. without it, we'd be nothing. everything that's living communicates. yet i see communication between people slowly dying and i can't understand why.

`i used to save a lot of my AIM (aol instant messenger) conversations and today i pulled out my external hard drive which has YEARS of pictures, conversations, and movies, and i came across some conversations that i used to have with some people. i don't even talk to them that much anymore. now if we skype, we are barely saying anything, or we don't respond as fast as we used to. yea i know that we are busier now BUT that's an excuse. and i'm tired of the excuses. it's not ok all the time, because though you may be busy all the time, some other people make time. i miss those conversations. when i read them, i could easily identify the interest that we had towards each other and what we were talking about. it wasn't just the one word answers. where did conversation go? -with this particular instance, i have no clue what happened. i have tons of things to say, but i've tried to call the person and they say they'll call me back, i'll text and it's one word answers or a short conversation no more than 5 minutes, i don't skype because people keep their status invisible! i'm not going to reach out anymore. i wasn't the only person having a conversation back when we used to AIM. i'm sure they realize. but maybe they've just run out of things to say.- i feel really bad that i've lost communication with some people and i'm afraid that it may be too late to try to pick things back up again.

.i feel like nowadays the only time we really have good conversations is in the beginning stages of meeting someone new. you are in constant contact. always texting and calling and talking. it's so beautiful. communication is everything. and then we get comfortable and we cut one thing out, then the next, then the next. people don't even use their house phones anymore. people are seldomly on the phone, that's why the cell phone company's give you a small amount of minutes and unlimited text messaging because we don't talk anymore. it's sad. i really miss those days growing up when i was always on the phone talking about who knows what lol. however some people can OD on the communication and over do it. we just need a balance.

let's bring communication back into our lives people.

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CAMjr said...

i actually think about this and who i keep in contact with here. Even though im one to be invisible i havent been on oovoo or skype lately and yes people dont usually have anything to say when i ask how you doing. the answer is "just chillin" so i def get what your saying
lets catch up this summer!