Sunday, April 11, 2010

.you know i got your back like chiroprac-.

a true friend stabs you in the front

.if that isn't one of the realist things i've ever heard or read! why is it that the people who should encourage you, do the complete opposite. i have certain friends that won't even acknowledge my accomplishments, not saying that i need everyone to congratulate me on whatever i've accomplished because that's not necessary, but there are times when you go to your friend, to express how you feel about something positive that's occurring in your life and they don't say anything. why is that? why can't your friend be there for you? why do they have to shut you and your idea down?

it's really hard because people often go too far in terms of giving healthy, constructive criticism because it is covered in jealousy. there are times when people are jealous of one another and they have no clue why. it's just something about seeing them succeed, makes them cringe. that's so sad. i see situations like this only occur in my friendships. the people who i call friends are the ones that stunt on me the most.

`how am i supposed to react? how am i supposed to feel?

i'm not sure i how i'm supposed to feel. i just keep things to myself. but is that fair to me? no it's not, but i realized that life isn't selfish, because i was given it, but the people that are a part of life, really are selfish and no matter how much i think, "it's ok, because the good girl can finish last", i don't seem to get over that finish line, until i think selfishly. but that's not who i am in terms of friendship. and maybe because of my lack of selfishness, selfish people are drawn to me so they can use what i lack. i'm not sure. just some observations. i'll still be me and continue to shine. with or without a friend there in my corner.

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