Sunday, April 11, 2010


.i really dislike when i can't read someone. it's either yay or nay, this or that. i'm not a mind reader, and if one doesn't verbally express how they feel about a situation on top of sending mixed physical signals, i just get aggravated. i give up and i don't even want to deal with them anymore. lol it's terrible, but i'm being honest. there are a couple of people that i just can't read. i'll let them know what i'm about and they know it, yet they do the complete opposite and when i tell them to simply leave me alone, they always come around yet they tell me about the smallest details that i would never think anyone would pay attention to. if only it could work. but the lack of expressing or revealing pushes me away. it just makes me want to scream. it's like ugh. what is it that you want? please, just say it!

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