Thursday, April 15, 2010

.its just emotions taking me under-.

.why do we have emotions? why is that we can be attached to someone when we NEED to detached? why is it so hard to let someone go, emotionally? i mean physically all you have to do is turn away, but emotionally we hold on. why is that? what is the importance behind it? and you know what's crazy? so many people go through the same exact emotions. but why? holding on, playing the game, all of that is necessary to live, because it teaches you to grow, but why? i'm just too straightforward it seems for my own good at times. my urge and need to just get things out of the way or out there really clouds my reasonable thinking for certain things. and right now i really can't understand why we do the things that we do.

.i also often ponder, why does sex change things for people? when a female has sex, you can automatically tell. their attitude changes completely. why is that? why does sex have the ability to brighten up someone's day? and why isn't there a noticeable change when men have sex? you can hardly tell after a man has had sex, but with females, it's written all over her face. i heard this female say "once i had sex, i felt free. everything that i was worried about before, didn't matter." sex means that much to people's lives? the emotions that come along with it has that much power to take away things that you once stressed over?

i'm really interested in seeing why our emotions work the way that they do.

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