Thursday, April 15, 2010

.single, sexy and free.

.lately i've been on the move. i've been going places, doing things, and spending time with new people. and i feel great. i can't be stagnant. and i'm realizing that. there are actually a lot of things about me that i'm being introduced to. and though astrological signs can be OD serious to some, (i'm sort of over it, i want to just live my life my way) i can actually see how i think and how i act, portrays everything that my sign embodies. i don't like to be held down. i can't be stagnant. and that's with any aspect of my life. if i'm not moving or doing something new, then i'm searching for that new thing in my life. i love to travel- both physically and mentally. i love to learn new things- both mentally and physically. i've just been feeling so free lately. i've been reading my bible more and i've even had a couple of sunday's off from work so that i'm able to go to church. i've been writing a lot-though i haven't been blogging as much, and i've been taking care of my body better than i used to. -even though i've recently grown into this fruit addiction. i'd rather eat fruit than food, only because i'm so indecisive with my food options. and i've come obsessed with calorie counts and carb watches. yea it's a problem and i'm taking the first step here which is admitting that i have a problem lol.- i've also learned to be more about me and what i want to do rather than worry about the feelings of others. and IT'S AMAZING! now i see why people are selfish and are all about themselves. it makes your life so much more interesting. i've been thinking about things that i want to accomplish and how they will get done. i'm not waiting for anyone anymore.

-honesty is the best policy right?

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it'sok2bu*nique* said...

im happy for you. i am also beginning to become selfish...idk if it is because i am about to grad college and i need to be thinking this way or what i feel does feel amazing even though i could get back reading my bible daily