Monday, April 19, 2010

.when i pray.

.i recently started reading "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren and it's a great book. it's about our purpose in life the way God has ordained it to be. it's a 40 day process because God deals with things in 40 days, and God will deal with me for 40 days as He did with Jesus and Moses (just to throw some names up there for the unfamiliar). i'm currently on day two of my journey and i'm really excited about it.

`so today i was faced with my first challenge. i had upset about something and though it wasn't too major and not that minor, bottom line was i had got upset. i was VEXED. upset to the extreme but i immediately got on my knees and i began to pray. i begged God to give me peace and strength to get through this but most importantly, i begged God to help me be more like him. after i finished my prayer i felt better and i even dealt with the situation the best way i might have ever dealt with anything. pray works and i'm so happy.

.i will continue to update you on my journey. walk with me.

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