Tuesday, May 25, 2010

.go girl.

.one thing i've noticed about being home is the way females portray themselves. they really walk around with such confidence. they have the take me as i am mentality and i dig it so much. going to HU really showed me a different side of how black people should behave and dress so when i come home and i see all of these shapely women wearing clothes that don't fit them with such confidence, first i'm shocked, then i'm admirable. confidence really goes a long way. when i come home i'm always reassured that.

ok i got a little fat, but my shorty told me that he like it like that, i'm happy.

i never hear any of my friends at home talk obsessively about going on diets as i do my friends back at HU. hmmmm what does that say Hampton? what does that say Bianca? everyone at home is happy with how they look and what they wear whether it be too big or too small or even too bright at times. they are happy and that's all that really matters.

GO GIRL! (martin voice) :)

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Anonymous said...

yea yea, all that may seem peachy and good. but walking with confidence and possessing inner confidence are two different things. Girls who show confidence on the outside are the same girls to hate on another. It's about genuinely feeling good about yourself. Whether its being skinny or being thick. In real life, most big girls with tight shirts don't feel good about themselves. either their big time hoes or they cover their insecurities in other aspects. a serious observation.

don't worry about how everyone else walks, but make sure that your walk is genuine. the girls at hampton have an inner confidence followed by a complimenting appearance. In society, it's all about appearance. Sad but true. yes, you may admire the girls who walk around with the "take me as I am attitude", but your initial judgment of that girl is how society overall views her. Perception is reality doll.

Okay, i've said enough lol. P.S. its nikki :)