Tuesday, May 25, 2010

.whose girl is that?.

.ever see a cutieee and then find it that he or she was once in a relationship or "talking" to one of your friends?

`i always get in a pickle when i think about this topic. should i date my ex's friend? some people genuinely don't care to do this. they feel that once the prior relationship was completely over, it doesn't matter who they chose to see next and that's cool. i definitely understand. there have been several occasions when friends of an ex and even an ex of a friend has tried to pursue something. not to sound like a shady female but i would consider dating a friend of an ex only because guys really don't have friends. they know guys but that isn't your friend. a lot of people get associates and friends confused. if it was his best friend. then i'm not sure. i don't want to base happiness on that other person because it's not about them anymore, but i don't want to be a homie hopper either. that's not a good look in certain situations but if the friend genuinely wants to pursue something, what i'm being called shouldn't matter right? i don't think i'd date my friends ex. lol that's just rude. and knowing females it would cause much more stress just because we have vindictive personalities. we are always trying to get someone back. evil little things we are.

hmm. i'm not in this situation currently but i read something about it today that made me ponder. what if i did show up with his friend?

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