Tuesday, May 4, 2010

.so anxious.

.i'm way to excited about going home. i've never been this amp'ed about going home ever. i guess it's because of the many changes that i've been undergoing for the betterment of myself. there's a lot of things i had to let go and even loosen the grip on but it's all for growing purposes. time to get my life together. this summer will be the first test. i've been working out and dieting religiously since January and i've lost 20 pounds, making me finally at my target weight loss. i've lost weight in the past but i never worked out to stick with the loss, but this time is different. i normally renigg on a lot of things i promise myself and others but this time i can't and i won't do it. i'm excited to see what my new attitude and perceptions will bring me. i'm anxious to see what things in me refuse to die. my heart will hurt, but maybe this one time my mind can heal it?

`who knows?
--that's the beauty of the whole thing, because no one knows.

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