Sunday, May 2, 2010

.lost for words.

`i truly hate options.

at times its the very thing that i dread the most. having to make decision is a nightmare for me. i never know which way to go. i see the positives and strong points in both and every time i look one way i think about how much better that option in is, forgetting why i chose the other one just 5 seconds ago and how passionate i was about it. its a constant tug. left,right,left,right. i'd much rather be on that thin line of in between. i'd rather not worry about the end result. the result of the decision that i made. this choice that i can no longer go back on. it's what's ahead. it outlines the next part. i could be setting myself up for something good, or something disappointing. it's so exciting yet terrifying at the same time.

.i'm horrified by my many options.
-but something has to be done.

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