Wednesday, June 30, 2010

.a beautiful mess.

.this past weekend i went to ATL. it wasn't what i expected at all, but i got to get away and that was the best part. i needed just some time away from it all. and i'm happy that my friends had a great weekend home in Jersey. there were moments when i wanted to be home, but overall i had a good time. long drive = a lot of thinking. i did meet up with my friend Allynn down there and it was good to see her. my weekend was really chill. i wanted to go out and get crazy and it was the total opposite. i was like forced to stay at one place. it was nice to go on a roadtrip with my mom though. i knew how important it was to her so i went.

`but yesterday was such a great day.
i started my job working as a camp counselor and when i applied for the job, i wrote on my application that i'd be good in arts & crafts, and little girl things and what not. lol they placed me in the basketball section. working with high school aged boys. in the morning for a couple of hours, there are little girls there but i'm mainly with the guys. i offered to show them my skills on the court, but they weren't trying to hear all that. it's an easy job. i don't have to do much but sit there and watch and laugh at them. i'm currently the champion in connect 4. during work i kept telling the boys that i wanted to go swimming. randomly my friend hits me up and asks me if i wanted to go swimming at a pool in woodbridge! i definitely went and that was really fun and refreshing. we even played pool games like doing a handstand and trying to sit at the bottom of the pool. just little things out of life that i forgot all about. after that it was suggested that we go to a diner! i had just told my friend Jaleesa earlier that i wanted to go to a diner because i wanted sunny-side up eggs and here i was on my way. i ended my wonderful day at a pier just watching the sun set. it was awesome. it was just the thing that i needed from my vacation. i turns out that i didn't have to go anywhere to get away and have a great time.

i hope you had a great weekend.

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