Thursday, July 8, 2010


.i tweeted this today -
the meaning of an "ex" is weird to me. no matter what you are still going to be theirs and vice versa. the chemistry never diessssss

-because i genuinely think that this is correct. ok yes there are some situations where you HAVE to let go and i mean for good and i feel like that's only possible if you move to another state or even country. i feel like eventually, you are going to cross paths again, or randomly meet up at a moment in time and the sparks will still be there. Carrie even experienced it in "Sex and The City 2"! the chemistry will never die if what you had was real whether it be a real mind and body relationship or just body. i believe that once the spark is ignited, it's hard to put out the flames.

so why should we call each other ex's? yes i know and understand that there is no more relationship -which is actually no more commitment. because a lot of people still have relations with that other person. there's always that attraction, you always know what to say or what to do to get right back in that place of comfort. are you an ex? what are you? what is this? --when you begin to start asking those questions, you may be entering a bad thing. you aren't committed to that person for a reason. lust is a powerful thing.

what the heck does "ex" stand for anyways? i like to call guys my past. a friend of mine calls them "experiments". haha.

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