Thursday, July 8, 2010

.ayo i'm tired of using technology.

.technology is killing people's lives.
`i'm tired of being dependent of my cell phone for everything. i slowly backed away from the evil spell of technology. i CAN go without tweeting or being on facebook. i sometimes don't text people back right away because i want to put my phone down, on silent, in a drawer so that i can live my life without someone constantly knowing where i am or how to reach me. i wish i could go back in the day when people weren't just sitting at computers awaiting to hear from someone or when you had to leave a message so that i could return your call when i got back in from enjoying my day. those were the pure days of communication. when you really had something to say to someone and had great conversation. it was personal. now with facebook and the constant updates of status and pictures, nothing is left for surprise. -i don't miss you because i live vicariously through facebook, so i know all about that concert that you went too last night or no i don't know what she's doing today, but i read this on her facebook status. bleh

whacccccccccckkkkkk. but this is the society and time that we live in. we are the generation that will have cataract and carpal tunnel because we are constantly texting, emailing, tweeting, facebooking and though i love you, blogging. we are also becoming a generation that has poor vocabulary and grammar skills because we never have to talk anymore. we are creating a new written language! it's pretty scary actually now that i'm really thinking about it lol

`i have been improving my communication lately. i've been calling people and inquiring about them, i text people more and i've been starting up some real, honest, deep conversations with people that i haven't really talked to in years. some people are lames with the responses but that gives me all the more will power to discuss these things in person. i hope they can see my improvements too! :)

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