Wednesday, July 14, 2010


.i'm so annoyed with the constant situations and roles that us women find ourselves in. when are we going to be the ones that need time to be in a relationship and play the game, when are we going to hear about the females that broke the man's heart. when are we going to hear about a celeb that cheated on her husband rather than the other way around? it just gets annoying how women get swept under the rug time and time again.

yea it says a lot about a woman's loyalty and respect for herself but i'm just so tired of men and their bullshxt. why don't you guys get that IT WILL BE TOO LATE! that we will eventually MOVE ON. and when that happens, we know that you will do the things that we wanted you to do because you don't want to lose that comfort that we've given you.

`guys need to listen to some love songs a bit more. everything that we feel and know are right in those songs. it's obvious that some guys don't listen because you make the same stupid mistakes and choices. come on fellas! we are right there begging you to do better but something just doesn't click.


misztwillz said...

lol we should super glue some headphones to a few guys and force feed the slow jams to them.

Courtney Allison said...

Girl...I swear I've been having this convo w/one of my bestiies for the past few days about hit the nail RIGHT on the head...when will these young men learn?! *smh*

jhodgebeats said...

You answered your problem in your post. "Guys need to listen to more love songs" Which tells you that men are no where near as emotional as women. So, if women want to turn it around they need to, not act like men, but get better at displaying their emotions. When someone, man or women, feels that they "have their partner", the deep mutual feelings will only last but for so long. The marriages that don't end in divorce have a "continous chase." Whether it be the man is still chasing the woman or the woman is still chasing the man. It's not about whos "hard" or whos "soft" it's about keeping up interest. Once the interest level goes down, the relationship will go downhill.