Monday, July 19, 2010

.holding back the years.

.this weekend was nirvana.

from friday to sunday. i enjoyed every day. Friday i went to lunch with my sisters which was great. i haven't spent time with BOTH of them in so long. like way before i went to college. i love those girls.

Saturdayyyy definitely was the icing on the cake. i went to a party in The Hamptons. that was fun. i've never been and it's beautiful up there. the house was fab. i was going to spend the night in Queens, but i came home back to Jersey and i'm glad i did. i got home around 1 in the morning and i went to an olllldddd friend's house to meet up with the people who TRULY know me. he was having a reunion party and i got to see and spend time with the people i grew up with. i went to school with them from 4th-8th grade and some until 12th grade. i haven't seen some of them in 8 years. it was so good to see them. being with the people who i've made fun of and who made fun of me lol. they've known be before the boobs (as some of them said the other night). it was all laughs and huge smiles. it's great to see how we've all grown. everyone was constantly saying "i would never think you would do that" to eachother lol. we still have a lot in common.

Sunday i went out for ice cream and a stroll in the park. ;)i had a nice time.

it was a great weekend, spent with great people.

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