Friday, June 4, 2010

.come here rude boy.

My mom informed me that the other day I was rude to an older man and she was embarrassed and then when I walked away everyone proceeded to talk about me and my rude ways.

-im not sure how I should react or feel about this. I'm rude. Yes. I'm not outrageously rude all the time where its ghetto- no. However I'm getting older and some people often mistake my voice with my age. I asked a simple question. Sorry that you took it out of context and if it was such a problem then as a grown up why didn't you just tell me. I would have apologized since I had no idea that's how it was taken. But yet they talk about me? My mom told me that they did and I'm not sure if she's expecting a certain reaction from me. Those people who felt that I was rude talk about everyone including my mom so should I really care if they talk about me too since that's who they are? Should I really be cordial when they smile in my face yet whisper behind my back?

*sigh* "grown ups"

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