Friday, June 4, 2010

.I need a vacation.

These past couple of weeks have been on completely opposite ends of the spectrum daily. Its been an emotional roller coaster all within home and family. Going through all the arguments and fights just further allows me to see how people grow apart and that I need to move out! Coming back home to my house is not what's poppington. I don't have a room, I don't have a dresser, I have one fourth of a closet and the rest of my belongings are in bag. My mom straight up treats me like I'm a guest. She's always yelling at me for living in the house (like leaving my computer in the living room one night) like for real? There's stuff alllll around my house (if you've been there you know) that's hers and she says its ok because she lives there and its her house. So basically I don't live there anymore. I'm so glad next year is my senior year and when I come home ill be hopefully moving into my own place. I need to start looking and inquiring about it but its so hard to find jobs up here. Like its dumb hard for me to find a little summer job -but that's mainly a job that won't conflict with my internship days. I hate being dependent on my mother. I haven't been since 8th grade. And none of my friends live alone so its not like I can stay with them. Post graduation I'm on my grind word up. Everyday that I'm in my mothers house just gives me further motivation.
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