Monday, June 14, 2010

.could it be.

.is it just me or does life itself fascinate you? i think NYC does this to me. every day that i commute to the city i find myself being more thrilled about the people around me.

`as i sit on the crowded 1 train, waiting to get off at Houston Street, i can't help but to look around me and look at these people. everyone has a different look, complexion, hair style, attitude, and style. but what's most interesting is that everyone has their own story. i like to view life as if it's a movie. i like to look at each day and imagine it on film or as if everyone is watching "my story" rather than just simply going on through out my day doing the normal tasks. i like to make each day interesting or different. i sit and think about my love life, my friends, my own personal struggles and accomplishments, things i want to change, things i'm going to do next, the things that i should and shouldn't have done. i sometimes smirk when i think about some of the wild things i've done. and for those couple of seconds between the different train stops, i wonder the same about the people standing and sitting across from me. i wonder what their life adventure is and what's next for them when they reach their stop. i sit back and i observe all the different faces and expressions and wonder what's going through their minds.

-sometimes i think why was i born? i didn't ask to be here and with death being so uncertain, "what's next" really freaks me out. i'm disturbed by the whole thought of it. but life is so beautiful. i'm glad that i'm here experiencing it. it's moments like these that make me appreciate it all and forget about my fears and doubts.

kudos to you life.

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