Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.how do i live without you?.

.i've asked a couple of friends of mine,

what do you do when you can't live with or without someone

and i got a couple of interesting answers. everyone basically didn't know. i feel like this is the issue in most marriages and lost lasting relationships nowadays. a lot of people can't seem to let go because they can't. their other person has become such a presence in that person life, that without them there, it feels empty. but yet the relationship or marriage is no good. you argue all the time, there's no trust, etc.

my friend Tony said this:
"what can you do? the easy thing to say would be to do what's best for you but it ain't always that easy. people tend to usually lie with the lesser of the two evils."

hmmmmm. i hope i don't have to ever live out that question.

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