Monday, June 21, 2010


i've tapped out.

`somethings just have to be let go. it's ok for certain things and people to transition and go on. time to let go. life moves on. there's no point in holding on. it's crazy because i put that as my facebook status-(i tap out) on Saturday after a frustrating day that i was having with a friend and then yesterday at church, my Pastor was talking about letting go in terms of holding onto grudges or holding onto things or people that are toxic for you. i really needed to hear that and pray for release. i tapped out on the issue that bothers me the most. i'm mentally and physically ready to be off that and i tapped out.

i think that everyone should tap out on something or someone for good. it really feels soo good to let go. life moves on. why should we stick in the past, holding onto something that isn't there?

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