Friday, June 11, 2010

.if it's a boy, his swagg and ditty bop will be just like mine.

.my sister Aja is preggers. i've known this since February but i didn't want to get too geeked about it just in case things happened and then i'd be sad. so i stayed quiet and let things fall into place and she's keeping the baby. today she found out that she's having a boy and i'm UBER excited. i love babies. i mean what female doesn't? but this will be MY* nephew. in my immediate family, there are no boys except for my dad. i don't have any grandfathers and both my grandmothers had two daughters. my mom had two daughters and her sister had one and my dad's sister had a daughter and my dad had two and aja's mom has two daughters. i figured that we'd definitely be doomed and if not we, then probably me (but i'm excited about my babygirl Zoe way down the line). but today June 11, 2010 Aja found out that she and Lamarr are having a baby boy due on November 12, 2010. November is just a great month. Both Aja's mother and father are born in November as well as my birthday being in November and now her baby boy will be born in November too. lol My family gets busy in February :)

the baby's name is Cameron Joseph Alan Lee. i'm soo excited!!! i'm going to spoil this boy! but not too much because he's a boy but this is my nephew! i can't believe that my sister is going to be a mom and that i'm going to be an aunt! i think that this is a perfect role for me being that Aja is so much more quiet and reserved so i'll be the fun and wild Aunt that will get him all excited and crazy and then drop him off. i'm about to live the life! ahhh a child of my own that's not quite mine. it's every girls dream when it's baby time. -dang it just feels like yesterday me and Aja were going on family reunion trips, now she's going to be a mom. it's weird to see life progress and grow.

:) 5 more months baby Cameron. 5 more months baby

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