Saturday, June 12, 2010

.she's got that something, she's got that something; that i like.

.it seems that i'm nice to all the wrong people.

-you've failed all the tests.
no more little miss nice girl.

.lately with the so many unexpected deaths that i've either encountered or heard about, i decided that i want to be nice and cordial to everyone that i interact with. who knows it could be either one of ours last days and i don't want one of my last moments with someone to be one with me being a jerk. but i've realized way too many people take my niceness for a weakness. don't be blinded and disregard what i've been telling you. i won't be pushed off the same cliff twice. however it seems like a lot of people have been overly rude and it's really been a challenge. but this year thus far has been nothing but challenges. and i step up to the plate to try to beat this challenge. but it's tough. i think i'm just going to fade away on that issue that's causing me to stop being nice. i'm just going to ignore it. that's not necessarily being mean or rude right?

right? hmmmpph.

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