Monday, June 28, 2010

.its key!.

Communication is truly key! Last night I was having a conversation with a close friend who at one point I couldn't imagine getting the guts to say things that needed to be said. I'm not sure why I was so timid and shy to express myself to him. I've always held back in different ways but it wasn't fair to both me and him to not just talk. Communication is everything. How could I allow so much time to pass without talking and getting to know each other. But further more how could I just let the communication die? That's not fair either. I'm not sure why things have changed or what changed things, but we have been communicating more and its been making things so much clearer for me.

Some people can do without friends and more power to them. But that's not me. -no I'm not implying that I need* my friends, but I enjoy my friends. I don't think its necessary to talk all the time, every day-no things get boring, but cutting out communication as a whole isn't good. I'm glad that this friendship is being restored. Some of the wrinkles are being smoothed out. I never really understood why communication can be so hard when all we do is talk every day as humans. How can something so natural be such a task at the same time?

"It will probably NEVER be the same"
That's a great thing. Who wants to go back to bad times, uncertainty, and confusion? Hopefully our friendship will get better. I'm not putting all my faith into things, because people do change and people let you down. I know and accept that. And that's ok. People aren't perfect nor are they mind readers. But hopefully, everything will work out the way its supposed to; whatever that may be.
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